May 20, 2014

spring ready

Have been getting the deck ready.  Dragged out the furniture 
and today I am painting some of it.  
More painting tomorrow !
Bright blue
Wind has made it a challenge as have the black flies.  

Remember my mother every year getting the porch furniture out of the garage
and putting it in the driveway
 to wash and paint.  
I wouldn't mind that porch on my house.  
What a joy it was connecting all the downstairs rooms. 
 Remember storms coming in and 
everyone racing to put down the big canvas awning 
and the bamboo awnings.  
Lovely memories around that porch.  
Flower arrangements, reading, sitting down talking. 
In summer it was the best inside place to hang out.  

Still putting together the deck here.
Have put nasturiums in the wall planter and one in a pot.
Not sure what else will be out there.