May 31, 2014

"beautiful ones"

Why is it that so many seem unhinged of late? I question ~ Is it really me that is off or is it  an insane time in the world?  I keep going back to the research done on crowding and rats and  the behavior it caused--- Behavioral Sink.  Rats put in a space with food and savety, breed and breed until behavior changed for the worst. It so sounds like the behavior of the world of late.  Deviant, delusional, warped.....
all brought about in this utopia by overcrowding. 
 It was and is a break down of society.

No small part of this ugly barbarization has been due to sheer physical congestion: a diagnosis now partly confirmed with scientific experiments with rats – for when they are placed in equally congested quarters, they exhibit the same symptoms of stress, alienation, hostility, sexual perversion, parental incompetence, and rabid violence that we now find in the Megalopolis.

So it sets up a fear in me of many of my fellow men as they seem deranged. 
 No other word of it.  
They are nasty, unpleasant, mean spirited, weird and why should this be?
What has changed over the years that has brought this on?  I am sure mankind since the beginning had many strange, unpleasant people.... but it seems to be accelerating and going down hill at a staggering rate as are the numbers of us inhabiting this planet increases.  I do not see it changing.  Politicians, and those in the limelight are easy to spot, but others seem to follow their thinking and behavior which seems deviant and out of kilter to me.  And those that seem rational, good, kind etc 
are not able to do much about the offensive others.    
I personally just want to go away from the others 
and that too was part of the rat study,
 a certain number did not join with the others.

The ‘beautiful ones’ withdrew themselves ever so quietly, removing themselves from the sick society. Solitary pursuits began to define them; eating, drinking and grooming among others. No scars on their back or hairs out-of-place, these mice behaved like a separate race. They saw the world through their narrow scopes, as they tossed, turned and tried to cope.

 Besides the breakdown of society, we are doing away with other species and ultimately us if we do not change our ways.  Usually in nature there is a natural fix for overpopulation.  With most species this works, but  with mankind we have solved -ho ho -and overridden the fixes of disease, lack or fertility with medicine,  etc 
 It allows us  
to grow and grow and multiple ourselves into a massive mess.

oh dear!