May 22, 2014

old friendships

I had a small group of friends in grade school and high school. 
Anne was my best friend through both.  
We had like interests and double dated 
until at our senior Prom she undid me and everyone 
by announcing that instead of going off to college as planned 
and continuing to date, and marry as planned,
she was becoming a missionary nun in South America.  

Anne at the last class reunion.  Looks exactly like she did in high school except for the gray hair.

One might think a best friend might have had an inkling 
of this huge decision and change of heart.
No, none, zero as it was not shared.
Nor did her fiance.

Anne became a missionary nun, went to Mexico & South America
but was continually sick.
She came back, changed religious orders (didn't know you could do that)
joining the nuns who taught us at Visitation,
a cloistered order.
I used to visit her at the convent which felt strange and unnatural.
Eventually she decided not to be a nun, left the order and convent,
 married and had kids.

I have tried to connect with her,
but get only brief as in really brief messages
Merry Christmas Anne.

One might hope that there would be a sharing drawing upon the past.

I don't feel I do friends well.
My neighborhood best friend Susan like Anne 
has never answered my correspondence.