March 27, 2015

March 26, 2015

slab of wood

Tim bought a slab of wood 
and turned it into a sign for my sister
 and we used the leftover
 for a new top for a cabinet in the bedroom.  
Nice that a tree can be used in such good ways.

Our logs for the woodstove.  
Maybe not as pretty a use
such a good way to use a tree.

Pretty somethings

March 22, 2015

winds of March

Time and again this month we have had wind....winds.  
Averaging in the teens with gusts into the 40's is wind.  
It has gone on for days and nights at a time, howling, shaking the house,
 blowing the birds and bird feeders, sounding the chimes outside, 
moving the garden tools, 
and drifting snow in the fields and driveway.

March winds
April showers
bring May flowers. 

we shall hope...

March 20, 2015

a leap of faith

Years ago, as in 15 years ago, I was reading some book or other that suggested that you ask you friends what they liked and disliked about you.  Talk about brave or stupid.  Well I tried it and saved one answer that I received and I shall share it here.  It was eye opening at the time I read it, but now with some time behind it and some acquired wisdom, I find it kind of interesting to step back and have another look see.  

1. I love how independent you are

2. I love that you truly work on doing what is right

3. I Love that you Love God, our Mother Earth, and animals with all your heart.

4. Just in case the last one isn't exactly what you needed,
I love that you are work on your inner stuff and your spirituality

Oh 1 more, I love that you love to talk about things.

What I Dislike About You

1. (now I am a Pisces, easy going, so this doesn't bother me like it's an issue for me, I hold no grudge, but I wonder why you do it ) Why do you turn the dishwasher on when I am sleeping?

2. I hate how stubborn you are

3. I hate how you worry so much.

( you replay things over and over in your head while you lay in bed and work yourself up to the point that you can't sleep.....this isn't all your doing, this I am sure has something to do with your Synthroid dose, but you do take on the weight of the world, and yes of course there is tons to worry about, but you plague yourself with worry.)

There it is.  I am wiser now.  I have grown and changed some.  I consider myself spiritual, and stubborn and I do still hold some worry although less than I used to.  

The dishwasher is another story.

March 19, 2015


this is our driveway before it was a driveway.
It was an old farm road and not maintained.
Since that time there have been so many changes here.
There are trees much bigger, there are trees no longer here.

But the scary part is the wildlife and birds missing.
We used to have red winged black birds by the hundreds arrive March 1st.
One or two would arrive one day and then the next day more
and the following day many many more
all busy and raucous.
This year it is the middle of March 
and I have seen 4 and that is all that have arrived.
Last year I saw one Monarch butterfly.
We have a field full of Milkweed and one butterfly where we used to have lots.

What scares me almost more than the lack of wildlife is
the people who deny there is a problem,
that this is natural.
They drive big trucks, they drive above the speed limit, they own toys
that us fossil fuels and and and
and they will not change
through stupidity or the fact that they really don't want to fix this
the bottom line is the same.

We are in deep shit
and unless we make a group effort
we are going down.

I feel mankind should go down
 for we have been the thoughtless
selfish, uncaring ones that have brought this on,
but all the innocent birds, butterflies
my heart goes out to them.

March 10, 2015




March 3, 2015

the dance of nature

Sun and clouds battling it out now, 
but the sun is growing stronger and is here longer each day 
offering hope that spring is a coming.