September 15, 2016

What becomes a part of us.

We all have beliefs. One of mine is that all that we digest becomes a part of us.
That holds for the physical: food that keeps us going can be healthy, or it can be trash which is not  good for our well being, hurting our cells, hearts, causing sickness, bad health rather than helping us to thrive.

This I also believe holds true for what comes into our minds, our souls. We have, for several years, been digesting trash, trashy words, and behavior by those who wish to lead us, become the President of our country. This election which has gone on far too long is sapping my strength, day by day. Some days it gets balanced out by wholesome, good news .... a healthy salad in the media garbage put on our daily plate. They say that you become like those that you spend a great deal of time with. So if I follow the news, TV, radio, paper, Facebook if all I hear from people day in an day out is a replay of the negativily do I become negative, nasty like what I see/hear? accept this behavior as normal, does it start to not bother me as much, does it start to hurt me, change me, cloud my brain? It is not just the politicians and media and Facebook friends, it is the evil and nastiness of much out there,  of war, of guns, of abuse, of rape, of those who are supposed to be taking care of us who are not, because they have become callous, evil and so uncivil. Today my niece posted a story of a child hurt by the insanity of her mother who sold her for sex, and of the depravity of those who bought her, raped and killed here and then mutilated her. That story is in my head, my heart and my soul and  it will not ...... will not ever leave me. Because I ingested it, it is me now.  Am I better not knowing of this? I can not fix it. I have been naive all my life not knowing, or not caring to know, how much evil is out there. Because we are global with tools that can bring stories to life for us to watch, hear over and over day and night, we are force fed these things that become part of us, for better or for worse.... good and bad. One wonders how so many seem to be walking lockstep with this. Think Germany. Nice people who would not dream of being evil. It gives one pause. If you hear and see the message over and over and over doesn't it become a part of you. How can it not?  How to keep these at bay? Right now I know whom I shall vote for so why watch as the players continue the insanity of the race? It shall not change my vote, but it might change me to a lesser person by continually digesting this sleaziness, the nastiness.

If I would not invite these people into my home in person, why do I allow them in in any other form. I don't want to become hardened, or abused by them. I don't want to have my soul brutalized by this, yet day by day there I am digesting this garbage which may or may not be true. Once my eye has read, or my ear has heard it makes no difference. I can not regurgitate what I have seen or heard. It has become a part of me like ice cream or Twinkies become a part of my body if I eat them. I shall try to be purer in my physical and mental input, but it is damned hard.

September 6, 2016

Morning walkies

This is our group of morning walkers, Indigo on the left, Shunka next to her and across the way is our smallest walker, Wooley. 

Please not that Shunka and Indigo give Wooley a wide berth as Wooley will go after the dog if it suits her fancy. Wise dogs to take this threat seriously.Great danes may be big, but brave they are not.

September blues....