October 28, 2012

raining leaves

It is the end of October and most of the trees were bare except for the beech and oak. 
 This morning there must have been some sort of message from
 Mother Nature
 to drop leaves. 
 It literally sounded like rain coming down.  
With the storm and its wind and rains any leaves sitting around 
will be in motion.  

This time of year opens the woods and shows off the tree skeletons 
and is beautiful to my eye. 
 It is one of the two landscapes we enjoy.

October 27, 2012

dog in the fog

Morning walks are not extraordinary except they are.  Foggy days we lose the mountains, we lose the end of the field, the trees.  Every single morning, every evening is different and if we don't notice, we miss the magic of that moment which is ordinary and not.

October 26, 2012

October 22, 2012

autumn has many faces

Color filled, Stark, Intense,

October 21, 2012

when I was little

things my mother said.....often
don't talk with your mouth full
no elbows on the table
wash your hands before dinner
no feet on the furniture
put away your toys
don't throw the ball in the house
children should be seen and not heard
if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all

October 18, 2012

morning walk

We walk the dogs each day and today we gps-ed it. 
 It is almost two miles from start to finish, 
from house down to Laura's and 
then through the lower fields,
 into the Brownfield Bog management area 
and back up the road to our house.  
Great outing for us and the dogs.
This is in the lower 40 acres.  Our flood plain.

October 15, 2012

different trees

we are blessed with trees.  I can not imagine how many trees we "own".  I feel that own is not a good word.  Caretake feels and sounds better.  Tree above is our Grandmother Maple in the lower fields and she is incredibly beautiful and words fail me in a description.  She lives near the river and we have kayaked in the fall in her branches when the river floods. An Elder, wise and seasoned.
The other tree is in our fields in one of my many sit spots.  It is a beautiful birch.  

I sit with trees. Better yet I talk with trees.   I learned about tree speak years ago.  It is when one asks a tree a question.  Extremely important to phrase the question properly, concisely or you will not get an answer.  

I cut down some trees so others will flourish and that is something I pray over for I am taking the life of one that another will grow, thrive.  It is not something one does lightly.  Is there a right or wrong in this?  I feel that the God in me, and yes god is in me and you and the tree and rocks, allows me to make the decision that is right.

today my dog was trying to eat an acorn.  A tree in the seed which could become in a hundred years another Elder Mother tree.  Do you have any idea how many acorns there are? Nature is absolutely remarkable.  So many trees each growing into their potential if allowed.