September 29, 2014

mosses and grasses on roofs

Why I enjoy these I do not know.  
 It thrills my soul. 
 Maybe it is primitive, nature reclaiming. 
Pretty neat really.
Maybe it is lovely to look at.  
Probably just terrible for a roof, but.....
maybe a good use of space.

70 food for thought

The 70 vibration represents rest, contemplation, spirituality, sensitivity, sympathy and mastery. 
 70 is the sacred spiritual number – 'the energy of the mystics'.

The 70 energy has very strong psychic tendencies & are natural healers, 
with a core of inner-strength.  
They are known to be quick-witted, 
sometimes with a dry sense of humour.

The 70 energy feels the need to investigate all things themselves so that they are able to come to their own decisions and value systems.  
They are the thinker, the dreamer and philosopher who can leave the world behind 
and go into the world of creative imagination.  
They search for their own belief system.

The Destiny of the number 70  is to use the mind on the mystical side of life,
 and to develop the wisdom of the spiritual side of life.  
70  number people are never satisfied until they can link the known with the unknown. 

This leads to a great deal of investigation, research and analysis.

 The number 70 is aware of the spiritual side of life, 
 knows that without turning to their inner resources, 
their outer world is not at peace.  
The deeper they delve, the more they learn to trust their intuition 
and to have faith and trust, the more they will reach the higher levels of their wisdom.

 Number 70 people are adaptable and adjust easily to change. 

 This tends to be because they are generally happy within themselves.

September 28, 2014

end of the month and catching up

September has been busyish and lovely cool most of the month 
with this hot spell at the end.  
Overall it has been heavenly and I am thankful. 

 More pictures of the beauty that has been September.

September 27, 2014

pictures from september

Oh, it's a long, long time from May to December

But the days grow short when you reach September

When the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame

One hasn't got time for the waiting game

Oh, the days dwindle down to a precious few

September 12, 2014

trees here and there

Found this online which might be my solution to window in my bedroom. 

Today I walked through the cutting into the woods beyond the cutting to evaluate it.  Difficult to get my bearings as so much changed. 
 It is like being somewhere familiar yet changed. 
 It is very much the same feeling I get in Bel Air
 where strip malls and malls replaces the quiet streets.
  Every now and again something looks sort of familiar but it is not right.  
What I learned in my walk is that where things were lost,
 much was gained and in a few years the scars of the cutting will be healed.  

September 7, 2014

sitting around the house

"Watermelons and Zen students grow pretty much the same way.
Long periods of sitting till they ripen and grow
all juicy inside, butwhen you knock them on the head
to see if they're ready - sound's like nothing's going on."

-  Peter Levitt, 100 Butterflies

September 6, 2014