May 20, 2014


I did not think that I met/knew anyone dysfunctional until my older years,
 but it dawned on my that as a child on Northfield Place 
our next door neighbor was not too functional.  

Miss, as there was no Ms then, Ricesinger 
lived on the second floor of her home, never came out. 
She had food/ice delivered 
and mail she pulled up to her porch with a little basket. 
 She did not like us kids in her yard and was watchful. 
 If she saw us she yelled at us. 
Had she lived there her entire life?  Who knows.  
Why had she become a recluse or had she always been one. 
 She died and her home was sold to a family 
who lived in the house which was a real change.

 This Single-Family Home located 
. 310 Northfield Pl has 4 baths and approximately 3,030 square feet. 
The property has a lot size of 0.28 acres and was built in 1921. 
 That is a big house for one lady all by herself.