May 2, 2014

awe and gratitude

I sat tonight listening to music and watching clouds, the skies and the mountains.

I am and have been so blessed all my life.
I ask ~
why me ?

I have windows, but  7 windows that watch the evening skies
 from the sofa 
and each offered a different view of clouds, light 
and each was ever changing.

Why me here now?

My sitting was to quiet the dogs.
They quieted and I enjoyed, 
I relished, 
I basked.

This is my world and it is beyond magical.
It is awe filled.

When I shut my eyes it is still all around me,
when I leave here it is still here.

This is what this is about.  
Why me?  Why is it me that sits and enjoys quiet wonder
 good music, and sleeping dogs and peace, PEACE.

Why me here and now.
I could be in suburbia miles from this in a different life
or I could be not aware of 
all that surrounds me.

In these moments when I come to
I am so grateful
it hurts my heart.

Tonight was incredibly spiritual.

Not my doing,  one of those gifts that I get day in day out.
We all have gifts surrounding us
and so often we are busy with words, screens, people,
 and busy with nothing important.
Too busy to see the gifts given us.

I am in total awe of the clouds, and light tonight
the sounds, the peace
and I am thankful 
to the power that is
the great mystery
that showered me with the gift of evening.