May 14, 2014

portsmouth pleasant

We had lunch in Portsmouth NH which is an hour and a half south down on the Atlantic.  Nice town full of shops and restaurants and businesses and people!  We found a huge restaurant on the water We could have eaten outside on the deck, but it was cloudy and windy  (there were people out there!)  Lovely meal. Sensational food really!!!!!!  I had crab cakes with ham, arugula and avocado while Tim had beer and sandwich of salmon, cucumbers, bacon and lettuces.  No desserts and our bill was.... $50.  That's a first.  
Was worth it but don't think we could afford too many meals out at that rate. 

Things we noticed.  Parking lot was 4 stories and a whole city block and there were more cars in there than people in Brownfield. 
 Oh yes and much bigger, newer and fancier cars than Brownfield.

Clothes they sell in shops, and everything else for that matter beaucoup strange, and beaucoup expensive.  Lovely to look at, but good heavens where would you wear the dress that looked like it was made of plastic bags.  Neat buildings  some beautiful--bakery in picture.  There is a lovely garden in Portsmouth  that I want to see some day, but yesterday was too iffy to do it.  Good decision to leave when we did as it started to rain.

We had a good time, although we got caught in construction traffic, got lost several times, couldn't see the submarine Tim wanted to see (not open for the season) yet and almost had some idiot driving down the wrong side of road hit us.  
As in all our outings, we were very glad to come home to the quiet where we live.