September 1, 2013


Today was the start of change day.  

I smudged the yurt and that is a story unto itself.  
Having done that I started with the underneath, raking leaves finding misc treasures, ours and Jordan's. 
After 4 hours of  Hot and steamy I came come home to an invite to do Pie a la mode at Apples Acres.  Off we went for "lunch".  Yum.    

We walked over later together with the dogs to evaluate what stays, what gets trashed, what gets added.  
I have washed all the linens and will take them back tomorrow. 
Early on I cleaned the green slime off the propane tank. That was nasty and makes the biggest difference.  How silly that the propane clean up meant so much to me but it did.
Parts of the deck will need replacing.  
I took apart a little garden at the foot of the steps.  It was not happening and almost painful. Another garden on the other side needs some TLC and plants may go where the annuals were pulled out. Or maybe wildflower seeds.  
Love the rocks under the yurt and the plantings  --- 
some of the plantings work, some do not.  
Rebuilt a part of the stone where it had collapsed.  I have raked a million leaves out from under, brought some things to be trashed from underneath. 
Not sure on the desk, and assorted of the roughly built additions, the shelves, the saw horses.  They will probably be re-homed or trashed.
Need a new step for the outhouse.  
Tim has taken the wood and cut it for firewood. 
Trimmed some branches over the outhouse and will clean the roof when a vent is added.  
We need to clean the vinyl.  

This is the bestest space and needs a little TLC so others can feel the wonder 
of this circular space.  Overall not much needs to be done.  

Need to take a deep breathe, stand back, and after letting it tell us, 
pull it together in a good way.