September 28, 2013

space in my life

The nest is wonderful space.  
Hard to believe two children didn't like or want to use this playhouse.
That is how we got this nifty building.  
A friend's 2 kids did not see the magic. Can you believe  that?  That was 12 years ago.  
At the time I felt funny accepting this most incredible gift.  
When was the last time someone you hardly knew gave you a building
and brought it over and installed it?   
I absolutely love this little space although I do not use it as much 
since the yurt and the dome come into my life.
I try to visit each of these spaces each day a little ritual, a little honoring.
All of my spare space is rather remarkable and each is different.  
God has blessed me with muchness and I am grateful.  
It seems excessive which is why I try to share it with others.  
What I find perplexing is that so few take up the offer to share.  
Maybe there are lessons and messages in this --
one being many do not feel comfortable without amenities 
and many do feel the magic of being close to nature?    Perhaps I am wrong.