September 26, 2013

inherited gardens

In losing our yurt tenant, we have inherited her gardens.  
My choices are to let them go completely or to change them 
so they are low maintenance.  
I have decided on the latter.  
Ordered up a batch of dafs that naturalize 
and will pop them in along with seeds for some wildflowers.  

Same with the bed down closer to the yurt, 
add some bulbs and some shade happy perennials that can take over.  
I am not going to weed more beds.  
This shall work out well, give us  spring and summer color with minimal work.  
It will not be a cared for bed nor should it be sitting there in the midst of nowhere. 
 Once we finish repairs on the yurt, we can serious look for a guest, 
then the gardens will have their new caretaker.

Went up with manure and a rake so bed improved.  
Then spend a couple of hours putting in 300 dafs.  
We shall see how full the bed looks come fall.
Next step is to add some wildflower seeds for the post daf season.