September 14, 2013


I like words and believe they are important.  
Is it crazy to enjoy naming things, animals, buildings, land,  house, dogs, goats ?

You name it, I like to name it.   
Right now I am working on a name for my bedroom.  
Rightio that is my bedroom now downstairs, ground level basement.  
Cozy it is and decorated in my usual laid back decor.  
I spend many hours, menopausal hours, awake contemplating the world, 
my life, the universe, yada yada so it is kind of spiritual and kind of a getaway 
and more 
thus a fitting (easy to remember) name seems fitting. 

Our gifted little building out in the field, the playhouse is The Nest, 
 it fit and was easy. The yurt is still after years in the works and may just be what it is.

For whatever reason this bedroom name has not flowed or been easy.  
Abode, Sanctuary, den, cave,  my place all not fitting. 
I have woken up at night  and pondered.  
I an almost on "Mew".  Nice old word which means a secret place or hideaway. 
 It works also and because I sleep with two cats most nights and tada what do cats say? 
Or it could be the Cat House..... 

Well Mew is sitting well with me and may be it.  I shall sit with it a wee tad longer to see.  

Physically, and spiritually, like all of life, this is a space and a name in progress 
and may be subject to change.
Isn't it exciting when it all comes together.  Like an aha moment..
Mew has not been exactly aha, but  really really close.... 

Woke up last night with "snug" in my head.  Another fine word.
So many choices none wrong......