September 14, 2013

overloading on positive

Right now, in my life there seems to be happening a great deal of
good stuff and positive vibes
 so much so it is mind boggling.  Why?  
I believe it is because 
I am working harder to put good stuff and positive vibes out there 
and it comes right back to me in other forms. 

 The more I accept life as good, people as good, the more it is good. 
How simple is that?  
Obviously not all that simple or I would have been doing this all my life
 instead of mooing  and grumping, instead of fighting the river.
There are two ways of looking at life, full glass or empty glass. 
 Liking the full glass a great deal ~
 so  I shall try to continue to remember 
that the glass is as full as I allow it to be.  

This morning I was given rain and rainbows. 
 RAINBOWS right there in the pouring rain!