September 3, 2013

6000 pictures

My computer, my faithful 10 year old laptop with minimal memory decided
 not to run CD/DVDs so I decided it was time to think
of a realistic replacement....something slightly better 
with more speed and more memory 
so I didn't have to worry about my computer gagging on pictures or programs.  
Mac was a thought but then I have to start all over again
 and that as tempting as it was got ruled out.  
There are so many choices and none wrong.  I finally told Tim to help me decide.  Unknown to me he hit staples and bought me an inexpensive dell 
with lots of memory and a mouse and keyboard with strings.  
Those had to go but so far Dell has been good.  

Like all transitions, we had some change pains.  
About a full 24 hours of wondering if this was a good idea or a really bad dream.  
It is now coming together with programs recognizing each other. 

 Pictures are still a bit of a nightmare which I can not cope with until I am feeling strong.  I really need a good software program for photography  and haven't found that as yet so.....
and my office software has not arrived so my desk is full of two computers 
with competing mice.....

it is good it has been raining as it ties me to the computer fix.

Well computer woke up this am sort pic on monitor, any monitor.  
Not good ----so computor going to the ER at staples....OUCH
don't we love technology?  NOT

The saga continues.....word is that the patient is all rightl  It was not a deadly disease.