August 29, 2013


I am going to post about hearing.  

The gift of listening is huge - really listening. But before you listen, you must be able to hear.  Listening is impossible if one can not hear.  My daily life is with one who can not hear.  It is to me big, to him obviously not so.  I have more or less given up.  I can only fix me.  I have planted a million seeds and so have others, family and friends and I thank them for speaking up. Their concerns were not heard,  but sometimes one does not want to hear the unpleasant.  

 The bottom line is we all have issues we deal with, and some problems we can fix and some we cannot.  This to me seems fixable if one wants to hear the problem and address it.

It is tiring not to be heard so I have stopped speaking as much.  Does it matter, does it make a difference? I doubt it. One tires of trying and when one is dealing with an adult who chooses stupid One must step back, take a deep breath and allow the other to be stupid. For those of us who like to control and direct this is not easy.   Hoping that not hearing voices, telephones or sirens will not kill the other.
Bottom line, I would love to be heard, not to listen to the TV at high range and so much more, but it is not mine to fix or it would be fixed.