August 20, 2013

DISCONNECTED connections

Ranting....good for the soul to spit it out.  

 This is what a friend called Facebook.  This is what I discussed with a woman who came into the office, as she felt the same.  I am on Facebook because I used to send emails and emails apparently went out of style or maybe family and friends get so many they ignore all mail.  There was a huge quiet.  I felt a need to connect.  To bypass this quiet and have communication, I joined Facebook to find out what others were doing since they seemed lost in cyberspace.  I HATE it overall because most people put up stuff they find on-line/ or they sit and watch and say nothing /or they are not there.  Mostly I feel only a given few thinking verbal people communicate.

Does anyone have anything to say in their very own words?  Sharing is quite lovely, but If I invited you to the house would you arrive with posters and magazine clippings and photos or could you perhaps sit and hold a conversation?  Believe me as an introvert I find people cumbersome, but Facebook is starving me.  It is an extremely sick cocktail party.  No, even a cocktail party has  more depth.  I keep hoping it will improve.  It doesn't.  

I am asking too much.   I try to say stuff of interest, or if I share I try to make it worth reading.  Maybe it is my age.   The woman I spoke with yesterday had the same complaints, unless you are on Facebook you get nada, but on facebook it is not much better than Nada, so why bother?  Because of the given few who do share their own words and thoughts.

God FB pisses me and her off.  I suspect we are in not alone.  

Social who the bloody hell ever had the balls to consider this social, who has 500 friends or even 269.  NO ONE.  If you were dying do you think these people, your FB friends would send cards, flowers or bring a casserole to the house.  NO NO NO.  
Do they send Christmas cards? NO NO NO....... Do they care one iota about you?  
And the other side of this is Do you care about them?  Perhaps it is my age, but aren't friends supposed to care, be there for each other?   

 FB is a hoax pulled on the modern world and millions buy into it.

What is this social "friend"ship.  A contest to see who has the biggest numbers.  Well I declined friendship with someone who has 4000 "friends". When she can name them all I might reconsider.    60 something is about all I can handle and believe me I know that many will not care if and when I die.  

Mr. Einstein said it well....
"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots."

Personally, I long for a return to real
 human interaction