August 8, 2013


years ago, in the 60's my husband and I made a huge decision not to have children. 
 There were many reasons noble and not, 
but the biggest being that we felt the earth was in trouble 
and not needing more mouths to feed.  
Over the years I revisit this and the impact on the earth and me.  
Our lives and the lives of others would have been different 
had we not made this choice.  
If I I had had children I would choose to have had them when I was young.  
Having kids older makes you financial secure (I hope) 
Yet it is way hard on kids. It is not about money.
My parents were older and they were tired 
by the time we were in gear wanting to do things. 
If I had had children I would have stayed home.  
Dropping a child and handing it over to another 
to raise seems to me and this is me, sinful.  
why bother...oh yes money .... no no no.  
Oh my god what one misses and why in the name of all that is sacred 
would you leave this beautiful new life in the hands of.... 
a stranger or even a family member to raise. 
You let someone else have this, this privilege, teach your child?  
First tooth, first everything. 
My feelings about a subject I chose not to partake.  

Let me tell you when you choose not to breed, 
you can not converse with other women for years, 
you are a piranha.... 
I could not talk of morning sickness, baby feeding, diaper rash, nursery school. 
And believe me those with kids cannot talk of anything else for ages!
 I was more comfortable with the guys on the barbecue 
Odd woman out.

I have never seconded guessed or regretted the decision.  
It was and is the best for the earth, 
the best for us, 
and it is as it should be.