August 29, 2013


This morning I visited the yurt.  It is such remarkable space.
It felt good to stand in it.  It is in transition from rental back to ours.  
I have missed the space and the space around it. 
In the years it was being used,  I tried to be respectful 
of that space leaving it for our tenant. 
 I love all of the land here.  In giving up the space I felt a hole. 

 The rental did not work as I had hoped.  It was not bad, 
 a bit of a disappointment.  Perhaps my expectations were too high. 
Towards the end It felt unloved and uncared for.  How sad.
 Our tenant had moved on, at least in her heart.

Will we "rent" again? 
 In talking with my sisters, 
and my friends who have rented,  and my boss who has a rental
 (can you tell I felt I needed advice) 
one message was repeated
 rent in exchange for work, collect the rent,
then pay for the work as it is done. 
Okay, got that for future.

The magic tenant is out there somewhere.
The one who wants to live on the land,
work the land, love the yurt and the land as their own.

It is how I always rented.  We lost money when renting
by improving them like they were ours. 
We put in kitchens, built additions and decks, fenced, painted.

 I shall put it back out to the universe that the yurt needs to be used well, 
be it by us or overnights, weekends for friends 
or R & R  outings for non-profits 
or the magical long term.

In the meantime, the magic tenant is out there
waiting for our paths to cross

 and they will.