August 6, 2013

oh my, heart aches

Recently a friend asked two young visitors if they liked to read.  
No, a very adamant NO, it is boring.
In a million years I had not thought reading boring.  Hard at the beginning perhaps, but boring, never.  
While saying this, their eyes were on their electronic devices - games, texting.  
My how sad, said my heart. What they are missing.  
Reading will take you everywhere, anywhere and will serve you well in life, for life.  My two young people are probably "normal" in this respect. 
We shall hope the light dawns and some day they find reading not boring.

The other thing I have found absolutely mind boggling is these young people 
seldom go out, no exploring, no escaping from the old people, 
the adults, the house. 
Who in their right mind at a young age wants to hang out in the same house as the adults.  BORING is my thought on that!  
unstructured, self entertaining, 
play beyond electronics seems out of style now a days.

 My childhood was full of outside adventure.  Mornings after breakfast, out ~ and out all day.  I knew the yards, the parks, the houses, the alleys, the sidewalks, the railroad tracks, the streams of our area for miles. We followed the mailman on his entire rounds.  We rollerskated, had pick-up games with terrible equipment, no rules and odd number of players, but we didn't care.  We were free and on our own.  All day most every day in the summers and after school.  Home for dinner was the rule and after dinner home by dark.  What a carefree easy fun life.  Loved to visit my uncle's farm with a pond and fields, a barn!  The beach roads, lanes, we knew them all.  Our world!

Here we have acres of trails, a river, a bog and neat little buildings. I would have killed for this as a young person.  Woods, water so many places to find or to just park.  There is little interest at all in heading out alone to explore.  Even invites to walk with us are usually met with no thank you, I'll stay here.   Again how sad my heart is.  Not for me, I explore, wander, walk.  I am out.  Day, night skies, trees, bugs, birds are my neighbors and friends and I know them, love them relish the daily changes, the magic of nature.   What a small world kids have knit for themselves.  Not all I am sure, although they have written whole books on the subject of being deprived of nature.