August 24, 2014

the dome

bonsai and succulents...

hydrangea, grasses, mosses and violas

the pond being a tad overwhelming....started with 3 small plants

Dome was to be a winter hideaway, my warm getaway, etc.  
it has been.  

Summer is another animal.  
Right now it is in the 90's most days and things are happy. 

 I have just ripped out some overly enthusiastic vines and put in more bonsai.  

I am finding the strange eclectic combination of bonsai, bushes, grasses, 
succulents, vegetables, annuals and water plants rewarding.  

Not what I had envisioned at the get go 
I just thought veg, veg and veg.
(how boring)
It was not happy and I was not happy
It has, like so much it life, 
shifted and evolved, 
and it is what works 
which is the major part of the dome.

Bottom line is ~
It is pleasing me. 

Full size patio umbrella which gives you an idea of the size of my little annual amaranth.