August 27, 2014

older then younger

The pet portal at the vets has announced that my girls
are now Seniors.
8 years old this year which doesn't seem elderly to me
they certainly don't act it.
BUT then again
they no longer do those cute kitten things anymore
the funny side hop across the room, play with toys.
Maybe the word should be mature.

Others lately have lost their older cats, rabbits and have brought in
young animals and then seem surprised
at the noise and activity level.

How easy to forget how busy babies and teens are.

 And the hounds are aging.

I debated a puppy or a rescue when I got Shunka. 
 Having lost a quiet 10 year old, the thought of taking
 on house training & training and all the trouble a pup is was thought provoking. 
 A rescue was no guarantee of quiet. 

 I opted for puppy and then wondered at my sanity. 
 I can not tell you how often I said to myself & others, 
Good lord what have I done!  
Granted Shunka was Dennis the Menace in fur, 
busy, independent, smart and WILD as any dog I have met. 
 Calling and hiring a trainer is an indicator of how over my head I was.  

Shunka is now 6 and while he no longer grabs every and anything he sees,
(tissues, toilet brush, underwear come to mind)
 he still has more energy that I by a long shot.  
He sleeps more now YEAH, but he has not slowed much.

Bringing in my rescue girl Indigo was to help quiet Shunka.
Neutering was also supposed to help.  HA. 
 Indigo has always been quiet to an unbelievable degree.  
Gives new meaning to coach potato. 
Shunka was not impressed. 
 At the beginning it activated him as he decided to spend much of his time 
running over& rolling this invader.  Poor poor Indigo! 
At least that seems to be a thing of the past.

Down the line, would I do puppy again?  Kitten again?  

Judging by the stories of friends and my own experience, I doubt it.
We aren't there.  No decision is needed right now. Yeah!