August 12, 2014


It is hard to understand depression unless you have played with it. 
 It is a dark hole that you can't see out of.  

Robin Williams lost his battle with depression.  
Depression won and I and the world are saddened 
that he couldn't look up again and find his way out of that hole. 

 It seems almost worse because he was so big, so rich in his sharing 
He touched all of us with laughter.  

He made us laugh and what a huge gift that is

Laughter, jokes, talent were all his
 and in spite of that talent and richness that he shared 
he was on and off caught in that trap of depression.  

 I have shed tears all morning over this loss and I was only touched indirectly. 

 My heart truly goes out to his family and to all of us. 
.Robin Williams then ... Mork. Garp. Mrs. Doubtfire. Leader of the Dead Poets Society. Hairy guy. Williams had done it all before going Oscar diving as the Bunker Hill Community College professor who mentors Will Hunting.

a friend wrote on facebook....I remember the night at Elaine's, I think we were celebrating Carmela's birthday. My friend went for a pack of cigs in the machine and spotted Robin Williams.but was told by a waiter not to bother another customer. Williams saw the intercept and came to say hello on his way out the door. Such a sweet gesture which made our night. I think this was about 1986. After he walked out I succumbed to an impulse and ran a block to catch up to him and give him a hug and tell him I loved him.I have been seeing clips of him and laughing out loud. 
What a loss. How much pain he must have been in, how very sad.