August 16, 2014

oh shit

I can use that title because it is my blog 
it is a statement about what ( shit, poo, poop, scat)
was found in the front yard this morning.

I sent this picture to my friend Janet hoping she would say something reassuring like
No of course this is not bear scat, it is scat of something, anything else
but no
instead she said looks like bear to me

Then she showed me her picture taken this week of bear scat 
and wow, doesn't it look just like my shot minus the berries.

Janet's find.

The good news (I guess) is mine was cold and hers was steaming...FRESH.

Did I want to hear I have a bear in the yard eating dogwood berries?
and there are many more berries on the trees!!!!

Think cat, think stepping outside at night to pee.  

We live in the woods
 moose, bear, fishers, bees, porcupine, skunk and many other things share space.
I like to work on the theory 
that they are shy, 
don't want to meet me anymore than I wish to meet them.  

May not be neighborly yet it feels right for things of this nature.

ps these berries must just pass right through the bear
they certainly don't look digested.

Crazy as it may sound this is actually kind of pretty
 for shit...