August 16, 2014


I  have fallen off the wagon.

Not like me at all.
I have been buying stuff and been given stuff


my rule is and has been 

something comes in/something goes out.

Well that is where I have fallen off the wagon.
that going out part has been badly neglected!!!

Time to pull up my socks and get serious again.

With outbuildings I have a tendency to tuck things
out there when something else comes in
OH- such a bad plan!
and often something seems too good to throw away, give away
and we can use it out here.
Bull and balderdash,
piffle and poppycock!

This morning I wondered over to the yurt. 
 I pulled somethings out of trunks, and drawers 
and brought them home, put them in my car
so they can re-homed to some needy cause.

I can guarantee you that the somethings will find good homes
and that the somethings will not be missed.
We have so much, too much 
and staying on the wagon
helps to keep me and the universe in balance.

It is a start.
Next the nest, the garage, the dome and the house.