August 7, 2014

hurting peoples day in day out

We are  blessed to live where no bombs go off,  
where we will not be raped, kidnapped, murdered, or have to flee, 
where there are no major disasters.

My heart goes out to those that no longer have homes, or who have limited water, 
electricity,  those that now live in rubble, or who have had to flee, losing all. 
Those that are hot, cold, hungry, afraid or hurt.

We take so much for granted ~ that tomorrow we shall still be all right, 
that we will have a roof over our heads, a bed, food, stability....
no one coming who wants to kill us because we do not believe as they do, 
or because they want our land.  

The reality is that there are many people who hate us 
because we have so much, 
but they are not on our door step, or down the street 
or even at our borders.  
We do not hear gunfire, nor do we have to fear for our lives day in day out
or worry about our family, friends, our next meal. 

You want to talk about stress these people know stress, 
and heart wrenching fear day in day out.
It doesn't end.
We think we have stress.   We are clueless, we don't know doing without, 
we don't know anything of this level of suffering.

It is too easy to forget those men, women, children in harm's way 
while we remain comfortable. 
So much bad news day in/day out we are hardened.  
We stop hearing, we stop caring. 
YET There but for the grace of god....

Would I or you or we be as resilient as these peoples... One wonders.

How can one feel hope when all around seems so hopeless ?