February 1, 2014

who are the heros of today

Pete Seeger died at 94.  He, to me, was a super hero, a talented man who had values, 
who worked to improve the world, the US, people, the Hudson River.  
He made us sing.  That is a huge gift to make music a tool 
in improving life.
We grew up with people like this, educated, compassionate, talented people 
with values and morals - politicians, movie stars, sports figures and activists 
whom we wanted to emulate. 
These people were not always  perfect, yet they had something 
that I don't feel so often today. 
I am not sure I can articulate exactly what is lacking.

We seem to have a shortage of true leaders, great musicians, 
sportsman, movie stars, elders.  
I would have trouble listing real outstanding stars 
in music, theatre, movies, sports or leaders in government.

Why are we lacking in those who are outstanding, those of character? 
Poor kids, poor me, poor world.  
Perhaps changes over the years have brought this about.  
Most all character begins in the home 
and the biggie there is that mom isn't there. 
 In the schools we lost God.   
Those two are big.  

Not enough guiding lights or stars for us and the kids.
One by one they seem to be dying.