February 1, 2014

my sorted past

The world, my father, my sisters, Mary don't approve  
of or understand my many jobs.  
I have only left one job of 47 badly.  My boss yelled at me in front of a customer 
 for a mistake I did not make.  That to me was totally out of line.  I quit.  
 Except for that everyone I  worked for would hire me back.  
All gave me reference letters.  
A few actually hired me back ...
the Aegis and the Bel Air Athletic Club and CIT.....says something ..... 

 I have skills I would never have learned if I "stuck it out in the same job" ..... 
I know how to run 5 star resorts, inns, motels, doctors office,  
I have planned tours, bought books for library, 
managed restaurant, housekeeping, newspaper staff, done payroll,
 given tours and tastings.  
 I have sold advertising, maps, window treatments, houses,  and travel 
which means I have been bonded and licensed in several fields, 
I have taught myself skills computer, excel, designed ads, brochures, newsletters.  
I have made beds, waited tables, gardened 
 picked and planted and arranged flowers and driven trucks as part of my jobs.  
 I have worked for myself. I do well working by myself, but can work well on teams making good money for the business and usually for myself.  
Some really nice talented business people have been my bosses 
and have taught me what they knew.  I am thankful.
I got unemployment only once.  Once was enough.
I was laid off once.  
It was a seasonal job. A job I loved in a greenhouse, hot, cold, and underpaid.

AND  I am blessed that I am able to move on when I feel it is time.   

 The part I find so incredible and funny is that I change jobs like underwear, 
yet I have stayed married to the same person all these many years.
 Go figure.
This rant was brought on by my sister 
who doesn't approve of me giving notice on my current job.