February 11, 2014

where the good lord thought we should be ~

Overcrowding, traffic, crime brought us back to Maine 22 years ago to a neat contemporary house which we searched for for 3 years!!!  
 where I swore I would die.  No more moves for me! 
 HA.....god works in mysterious ways.  
Noisy gun tooting shooting neighbor put us on the road again.  We looked and looked for a new home somewhere.  We knew what we wanted.  A house on some small acreage and that is what our realtor showed us.  UNTIL March of 99 when after looking at a house on 20 acres he asked if we would look at a piece of land, 
part of an old farm for sale across the road.  
Well we didn't want to build.  Been there, done that, but it was a nice Saturday. 
 We walked from one property over to the other, up a snowy drive to the top of the land and looked around at the mountains in several directions.  

Way nice, but WAY out of our price range 
and we would have to build
 and it was 40 acres mostly open mowable fields.  

Well we stood on that hill looking around, and we knew this was for us.  
And we made it happen 
so here we are sitting on our money, 
mowing not just the first lot, but also a second 40 acre lot.  
We had vowed not to have to do that moving after Maryland.
What do we know.  

This land came to us,
 not us searching it out which is 
 why it thrills my soul.

What you need, comes to you.  

For whatever reason(s) we landed here after many other places.
I have always felt we were brought here.

Makes one feel very humble and extremely grateful