February 3, 2014

sunday circles

Grandfather Arnie Neptune
Candace Gray

Grandfather Fred Ranco
for many years we held a circle here the first Sunday of the month.  
Over the years we met many people who found us through others, 
from posters in Morning Dew.  
The circles started with a friend Jeff Beaulieu who wanted to be a healer 
and wanted the circle started.  First circle was small, 
one friend of his Karen, one acquaintance of mine Maggie
who brought two friends Diane and Candace, Tim and me. 
 Later native Elders with a capital E came to check us out 
as Jeff was part native.  
We didn't realize how much we were watched. 
 We seemed to pass inspection and in years to come,
 Elders led the circle after our friend decamped.
The circle was a place of sharing, learning, laughter and tears.

Many who attended the circles, & goodness there were many, have moved on.  
Other remain part of our lives.
There was a time in the circle that was halycon, uplifting, magical, strong
and then little by little it unraveled and wasn't.
We have stopped the circle.  It was time.  
One knows when something has outgrown its need.
We were blessed to have it on the land and in our lives.

Grandfather Arnie Neptune, 
Grandfather Fred, 
 finished their earth walk

Maggie Diamond

Each was a friend, a teacher, an Elder

all irreplaceable and missed.