February 23, 2014

cabin fever

Right now the conditions are such it is not easy to play outside, icy in the am, 
slushy in the pm so one feels trapped in the cabin.  
I seldom feel a need to escape but this year I am finding that I want out...
where? it matters not -  
where I do not see the same views, the vast amount of white.  
Where only needs to be not here.  

Was reflecting on this and realizing that those that walked and lived here years ago 
could not blow dodge as we do today.  
They were too busy with day to day life, no boredom 
which is the number one reason for cabin fever.  

Number two it was much more difficult to decamp in winter.  
No snow plows after each storm and where did one head, 
the neighbors, the church, the store?
Moving about was more difficult.

Deep sigh.  We are the most spoiled of peoples.  
When we get a little antsy we want something else.  
 Perhaps I shall try to remember that here and now are fine 
and there is no guarantee there will fix that which is cabin fever.

The bottom line is that
I need to readjust my head not the location of my body.