October 13, 2013

poor cat

Wooly came in the other night hurt, 
but I didn't realize it as it was 4 am and dark.  
Didn't figure it out till breakfast when I noticed she was limping.  
Looks like something bit her foot. It is terribly swolen.
 She did not wish to discuss it or show it off.  
She hissed and showed off her teeth. 
 I treat Wooly gingerly as she can be rather aggressive.  
Called vet and agreed he did not have to SEE her,
(He knows her and her antisocial behavior)
 but would prescribe antibiotics.  
Have started them and her foot is not swollen quite so badly.  
She likes the pill pockets which makes this easier. 
What an incredible invention are these!   
Now to shift  the schedule (every 12 hours) toa civilized hour not 3.....
I cannot say enough good about my vets 
who have not made much 
money on me and the animals this week 
as we aren't coming in 
but working by phone.  
I mentioned this to Dr. Caffrey yesterday on the phone
and he said he has never had anyone say this...
He thanked me for caring. 
 I popped Dr. Simpson out of bed at 2 30 am
and she talked to me for a good 20 minutes.
That is good doctoring, but these are good people.