October 7, 2013

puppy problem

We had a Shunka incident last night.  About 2 30 I heard him make a sound, hard to explain, not bark, kind of distressed sound and move across the room, came upstairs to check he was leaning on the kitchen door head down, panting slowly, looking gray  is the best description.  He wanted to go downstairs, but wasn't walking right so I grabbed him held him up and yelled and yelled for Tim who finally got downstairs.  Noticed S had pooped right by his bed.  By the time Tim got downstairs Shunka had collapsed in the panty.   He was not moving, eyes closed, breathing shallow. Threw a blanket over him . Called the vet emergency number where they take info and have vet call you back.  Vet called back about 10 minutes later.  We talked.  I asked heart? she said dogs don't do heart attacks, probably neurological.  I asked what to do.  Carting a limp 130 lb dog downstairs to car not easy.  She said even if we brought him in there wasn't much or anything she could do.  While talking, he wagged his tail, lifted his head briefly.  She said sit and watch him.  This felt a great deal like what Luke used to do and they can't do anything about it.  Seems like a short circuit to me like the wiring gets confused, dog is not there, and then comes back. First time Luke did it he turned blue.   Shunka is far younger than Luke when Luke started doing these.

At any rate he finally stood up and wanted to go downstairs so we both helped him down.    Tim took him out and brought him back in saying he really didn't want to be out.  I had moved his bed down next to mine, he climbed right into it.  Gated the stairs so he wouldn't try them in the night.  Sat and watched him sleep, threw a blanket on him and fell asleep. 
This morning Indigo came down, we went out and then came in to breakfast.  He is acting fine, not the worse for wear.  Just like Luke once the episode was over, it was over. 

Not the funest night for sure.  Indigo was so good, wanting to be part.  I popped her back in bed told her to stay and she did till Shunk went downstairs then she wanted to come down and sleep on his bed.  Oh and the cats were already downstairs so I had to get them particularly Wooly upstairs. 

Today I work the afternoon and since the day is rainy not sure what my early plans are.  Vet suggested blood work this morning.  With Luke bloodwork showed nada and since Shunka got so stressed at vet last time I am not sure I am going to bother with this.  He had bloodwork done last month for heartworm which he didn't have (he tested positive for Lymes a couple of years ago so he will always show positive for that now and he did.)
So I do not understand how a dog as big, active, healthy and strong as Shunka can have this problem at age 5.