October 13, 2013

some young people and wisdom

I read on facebook the comments of a young 20ish woman here in Brownfield.  Every post was one sentence in text spelling about how boring life is.....Boring Brownfield, boring when not working,  boring, boring, months of this and how sad.  We live in vacation land.  You don't need money to find entertainment here, lakes, rivers, mountains. You can walk, swim, play.  There are libraries if one is not interesting in outside...books, reading, and people are more than happy to teach you new hobbies, knitting, painting.  Life is full if one opens the door.  This young lady has a partner. It sounds as if life is dull alone and together.  

Then I got a note from a 13 year old who does not like school in general.  He does not like to read.  He likes to roller blade, play lacrosse and sports.  At least we are not sitting home mooing about boring.  I am hoping in spite of not liking school that he is learning math, English, science, history.  I am hoping that he is becoming educated so he can speak something besides sports, write intelligently, so he can write a resume or cover letter.  

Another young woman a bit older pays no attention to the news. Boring....  These people are our future. Beyond the sports and entertainment celebrities  do they know anyone? authors, politicians, world leaders?  Do they know what is is going on in our country and the world.  I did at 13 because where I went to school it was mandatory and we discussed what we read in papers and saw on TV.  It has stuck with me all these years whether I liked it or not, I got educated and I thank the good lord for that as it has served me well.  Those multiplication tables, treaties, grammar, geography, etc. all come back to me even though at the time I was not sure why they might be important.  
I worry about the world with pollution, global warming, water issues, 
trash issues, violence, abuse, lack of respect 
and try to do something about it for these young people and for their children.
I wish I felt that they cared enough to worry too.