October 17, 2013

the lower 40

coming through Laura's low land

crossing the drainage on Laura's land

the lower field abuts the Saco Frost Mt. in the distance.
Our lower 40 acre, the second  piece we bought, is an strange piece.  
It is pie shaped with the small end 200 ft. up on the hill next to our original lot.  
The large part on the Saco River below is 1700 ft of frontage 
and most of the lower 40 is a flood plain.  
We can not build there,
 but we can canoe/kayak in the spring when we have floods from the snow.  
It allows us to paddle miles into the Brownfield Bog right up in the trees. 
Pretty neat that.

 There is a drainage area midway between the 2 lower fields.  
Herons, turtle, ducks hang out here all summer.  
It is impossible to cross as it never is totally dry.  
We cross on our neighbor's property, 
but this summer the water level did not go down enough for us to access our land this way.  We have had to go around though the Bog and come in on the river side. 
 These are shots I took the other day when we could finally in October! 
cross the drainage.  

Tim has mowed our fields.  
The neighbor has not which is what the bottom shot is the boundary between our fields and hers looking at Frost Mt.
The top of the pie is where the yurt is and where the views are.  
Funky piece of property with a long drop through hemlocks down to the wetlands and springs at the bottom on the edge of one field, then the drainage, and them our bigger field edged with maples and alders.  
beach on the Saco

the top of the pie with views

We bought this to protect ourselves from a neighbor building in our view.  
Really a crazy idea, but the thought of a house and electric and telephone lines 
was not pretty so we bought it.
The other part is I would rather stand on my money than read statements

from financial institutes.  Perhaps that is really the crazy part.
The "subdivision" is 240 acres. 6 - 40 acres lots.
Not your average subdivision.  
In the years here we have never gotten together as a subdivision 
to discuss rules, regulations.
We all pretty much just enjoy the solitude that spacious property allows us.
Having 80 acres with each of our neighbors 
also having 40 acres each is pretty amazing....  
Then you add the Bog's 5000+ acres and one can feel pretty isolated 
in this world of overpopulation.