October 20, 2013

global warming ~ climate change and me

This is a 2006 Scion XB with manual transmission which I drive ~ 
because it gets good gas mileage. 32-34 mpg, it is big enough to haul a Great Dane,
and it has a radio, windshield wipers and a good heater.  
That is all I needed and what I got.
It is not 4  wheel drive, but with winter tires it does fine in the snow. 
It was cheap $15000 new.  There is no fancy with this Scion. 
It has not needed repairs.  
The most it has cost me to fill my tank was $33
 and that was when gas was high.  
We are having changes in the world and they are terrifying.  
When checking to see what can I do to stop 
or help stop global change  advice #1 is says  use less fossil fuel. 
Every person I know of late who has purchased a new car has bought a vehicle
  that does not get good mileage, big SUVs, or big trucks. 
 Many are on the road often, making multiple trips instead of one.  
They drive faster than the speed limit thus bringing down the mileage.  
My question to me and the universe is why do I bother if others aren't.
I am older and I will not be here ages more, 
but the younger people will and their kids will and many don't seem 
to be taking this seriously.  
These are not dumb. The information is so in their face.
"Well but I need it for.... "  well butt my ass!
I am like chicken little, "the sky is falling, the sky is falling".  
Is it?  
Why do I bring up these unpleasant subjects, global warming, running out of water,
 being overrun by trash when many do not want to hear it, let along discuss or fix it.
These are family, neighbors, friends who mostly don't care enough to give up anything 

Less car, less driving seems doable, if we all did it.
What might happen if we all tried?
So should I join everyone.  Not care, not try - get that 4 wheel big SUV 
 with fancy bells and whistles, drive around at top speed day in and day out, 
instead of conserving. 
Fly all over the country, shower daily, use the dryer and leave on the lights?

Those of us who try will not be able to save the world or even change the world.

When it gets worse, will others then try 

and will it be too late by then?