October 27, 2013


Am I alone in being tired of the badmouthing going on ... ?

Politicians, media, movie stars, just people
 cannot keep their mouths shut and say nothing.

My earliest lessons in life were 1. children should be seen and not heard.

 2 If you can't say something nice say nothing.

I can remember biting my tongue not speaking because nothing was better.  
I knew it and I had this guide line to follow.  Thank you Mom.

Beyond this I have learned

we have such freedom to voice out thoughts, our opinions, 
but is this hurting 
or helping us.
So often when we speak out we are trying to change someones opinion 
to our way of thinking.  
Who made us god?  
What makes us  "right" ?
Maybe accepting the world 
and our family and friends as they are 
and allowing them to find their own way is the way.  

Time and again I find that I am guilty of this.  Lesson ongoing......