June 11, 2015

to garden or not to garden

A plot of ground where plants are cultivated
To garden- to work in said plot.

 I have gardens, a vegetable/herb garden,
 and a shade garden and assorted other misc gardens surrounded by stone or fencing. 
 I have, over the years, spend a fair sum of money on seeds, plants, bushes trees, 
herbs in gardens in two states and multiple locations.  
Not all of the plants I have bought and dragged home have survived 
while others have thrived. 
 I have spend much of my life on my knees 
feeding, weeding, dead heading and thinning said plants. 
Great meditation.

Somewhere in the past years, ( I know the when,
 it was when my neighbor planted seeds wildflower seeds along here  her drive in and bordering our land. 
there were wild flowers in abundance amidst the grasses 
and weeds and raspberries. 
 They were and are magnificent 
and she doesn't do anything with them, but enjoy as do I.  

But beyond her store bought wild seeds, our fields are full
 of wildflowers and grasses that thrive 
and that thrill my soul.  

They may be considered weeds or they may just be what nature feels fit here.  

My gardens fit a need. That need seems smaller of late. 
I love seeing gardens and plants, but I feel less need to bring them home with me.

I have bushes and flowers that would never grow here naturally.
They will never spread to the fields,
but they are knockout lovely in season. I enjoy them.

The question is how much do I need to change the nature of place
when nature is already generously giving me so much.

I garden and I don't.  I have stepped back, 
not spent as much, not been on my knees as much
and I am enjoying gardening so much more.

It is God's garden that is my main garden now.
It is far more than I could conceive.
There is something far more magical in the wild
than in the contrived planned and planted by me garden.