May 28, 2015

humming the shadow

Love this story that I found yesterday.

Each night, when one lies down to sleep,
the shadow departs,
 going out to explore the world
 it is not free to explore during the day.  

The shadow may become quite intrigued by the large and strange world
, and be reluctant to return home at daybreak. 
 So it is necessary for the person, early in the morning, to hum the shadow home.

  Each person has a song that only its shadow will recognize, 
and the shadow must obey the hum. 

 If one is too busy, or too thoughtless, to hum the shadow home,
 the whole day will be difficult. 

 Until the shadow comes home, the person is not whole, is not all together. 

 It is like the person who got up on the wrong side of the bed--
part of him is still missing.  

Humming the shadow home is necessary for harmony, for inner unity.   

                                                                Mary Jose Hobday
                                                                in Western Spirituality