May 24, 2015

wind watcher

My new name Wind Watcher 
for we have had winds worth watching. 
 I am sure this is not my imagination.  

There is a new wind. There are serious new winds.
We have always had wind, 
but not like these days with steady 20s and with gusts to 50. 

 Our highs used to be high 30's.  

Many a night the winds are so strong they turn on our motion lights. 
On and off one and off.
Until we have to disconnect the lights.
All night and day
Wind chimes chiming.

It is all seasons, winter, spring, summer fall.

I love wind, breezes.  
 I have huge respect for wind.   
The sound of wind coming through the tree tops is like a train.  
Furniture blows across the deck and the lid blows off my compost
in spite of taking precautions.