June 13, 2015

60,000 miles

When your car gets older, you have it tuned and parts replaced. 
 New belts, new brakes,
 How simple! and if big bads happen you get new transmission or engine.  
Well my body is at that stage, but bodies don't get new this or that generally unless something is truly broken ~ heart valve, new knee.  
Our cars get better maintenance than we, 
but then again we take better care of them than us.... 
little light goes on and we stop at the car doctor for a look see and care.  
We use good gas in our car, good oil and filters while our own diet often lacks.  
Donuts come to mind.  
We cheat on us,
 but we would we dream of the equivalent of a donut for our car.  

One wonders why this expensive machine
 that moves us from here to there
 rates better treatment than the machine that is us? 
After all the machine that is us has to last lots of years and
 we can buy a new something to move us around.

 What value do we put on us?  

Should we have paid more attention to our maintenance check ups, 
used better fuel, paid more for parts over the years?

Right now my body is doing unhappy, painful stuff from my ankles up. 
Now I immediately jump in and think diet 
and start being religious about food 
about which I had been very casual.  

But the long and short of it might be that my thyroid reacting with its drugs 
~ not working well together. 
 The tests numbers indicate that T4 isn't making T3 as it should 
and this is making me tired, cold/hot/not sleeping/sleeping too much, 
joints hurting and on and on.  
Thyroid is beaucoup important and when it is wacko
 many parts of me to do not run well. 

 New drug has been added which might or might not improve 
the running of this most important part of the function me. 

 In the meantime, I have no get up and go
 and I hurt here and there, and I really dislike not having a functional body. 
 In searching online I find I am one of many,
 and my problems are tiny compared to most
 so I am thankful for the me that I am.

As if that were not enough, a rash on my boob which I thought might be a tick reaction
so blood work done.  Rash is finally after 10 days slightly better and
test seems to be negative.
Was hoping for a simple fix to my many complaints, but tick doesn't seem to be it.

Falling apart here.  It is that aging thing. 
Parts not as efficient as they used to be.
and all though I do try
it is a little late to do preventive maintenance.