June 28, 2015


I was told by an Elder 
that I was not put here to save the world,
 however, he did not mention my reason for being here.

I have a problem.  If  
 someone comes to me, crying, hurt, bleeding ~
physically, emotionally, spiritually or financially,
 I have a knee jerk response
 to get my bandaids.  

Kind words, gauze, money, advice are there immediately.  I fix!

People don't have to ask  
and there I am, full of compassion,
 in their face, saving them.  

Last sentence 
People don't have to ask 
is perhaps a key.  

Often I rush in with the best of intentions,
but unasked.  

Person did not want help. 
What they needed was me to listen, 
support in a quiet way 
leaving the bandaids in the closet.

If someone asks for advice, or band aids or money
that is a different animal.

This is a huge lesson for me
for I jump in unasked to help family, neighbors, friends, strangers.
AND often I step on toes in such a big way.

This is an ongoing problem/lesson of mine
and hopefully some day I will "get it"

Till then
 if you are hurt, crying, bleeding in my space, please stand back
you may get help that you didn't necessarily want.