June 18, 2015

hard to understand

Why does a young white man sit with good people and then kill  them, 9 innocent people in a church?

Why does our governor and other politicians dislike so many needy people?

Why do politicians who are educated at the finest universities in this country 
open their mouths and spew trash?  

What happened to love, do unto others and our morals?

What is causing the breakdown of civilisation? 

What can I do to stop it?

My heart hurts because I see this and I am buffaloed. is this a slow growing social fungus?
or is it like Ebola wildly spreading nasty disease that will take out the world if not stopped?

What is bothersome is that we can jump up and down and want change and yet we can not made it happen.  guns, hatred, greed, insanity I get that, but I cannot for the life of me change guns hatred, greed, insanity.  

Any help here I would sure appreciate for I am feeling lost.