October 26, 2014

mighty fine walking

We just walked across the field this afternoon to visit our part time neighbors from MA
who will move here after they retire in 4 or so years.
Perfect day for the outing.
After the rains the past 3 days, the winds have picked up and there are stuning big clouds
yet it is clear with a tad of cool.
Nice autum this year.  

Certainly has been a delightful few months.

No mushrooms to speak of so far,
but tons of acorns and pinecones.  
No two years are alike weather or anything else wise.
Sure does make it interesting.
Hunting season starts next week and I striped the trees on the bog road.
Was surprised so many cars were going in, some to hunt and some to recreate.
Most of the time we aren't aware of what is going on down there.

frost mountain morning light

the bog in the morning

oak leaves finally coming down

coming home through the woods, much more sky without the leaves on the trees