October 21, 2014

different views

My niece told me she could not live in this climate of cold
 that she would need to be wraped in a blanket full time.  

She loves the sun, adores and lives at the beach.

You will seldom see her covered.  

I on the other hand am always cold and covered.
Me at the beach with long sleeves!!!!

  I like getting cold and coming in and enjoying warming up with a hot tea 
and a read by the stove.

I understand where she comes from for sure.  
Here is not easy, but here has much to offer besides cold. 
One that pleases me is that it has fewer people
 and four distinct seasons.

Tough place to make a living~ many here are having trouble making ends meet, 
yet it seems more real. 

At this stage in my life,
 I don't handle hot, big and lots well.
Hot used to make me quite happy, bathing suit all summer When I looked like my niece.  No longer!

 Huge houses, big cars, lots of clothes, top of the line, brand names 
make me feel uncomfortable
 particularly in this world of haves and have nots. 

 Having said that I was raised in a huge nice house, 
at one time I owned tons of shoes and clothes.  No longer! 

We grow and change.

What makes the world go round is not that we are all cookie cutter molds,
 but that we are all different with different views and needs. 

Part of the problems in these times is that some want us to be like them, 
in our standards, customs, religion, politics
 AND hasn't that caused unrest, unhappiness, disrespect and hurt.

 Suppose we all wanted to live at the beach and not in snowy areas or vice versa.  

We seem to accept and understand that trees, grasses, are not all alike, 

but us people seem

to want to change people into the same animal.