October 28, 2014

gifts from god

early out this morning,there was a remarkable sunrise.  
if one believes in "red skies in the morning, sailors take warning",
 one should be warned.

plus and best of all in the northwest over the mountains was the gift 
and perhaps it wasn't a miracle, 
but it felt it.  

huge wide end of a rainbow with no rain.  

it was a stop right there and pay attention time.

they come now and again and I am grateful beyond words.

so later, a ps here from Mt. Washington Observatory

"Happy Tuesday! We were able to witness a brief, but spectacular sunrise this morning.
 The sun lit up the Northern Presidentials and reflected off of the incoming virga,
 causing a partial rainbow seen above Mount Clay.
 (Virga is precipitation that falls from a cloud
 but evaporates before reaching the ground). "