October 3, 2014

fog in fall fantastic

Fall  ~  Autumn
my utter favorite time in Maine, in life.

It is mystical and magical.
It is my time with the great mystery, and with nature to the highest level.

It is that time when the veil is thin
and you can almost walk/see into the other world.

Summer overwhelms me, suffocates me.  It is too....too~~ Way way  busy, 
big with
..too much energy, too much muchness.
It is not my time.

comes the pause that stops all the growth, energy
and everything shifts
I sigh a sigh of relief. 

nature slows, the bugs are gone, the birds migrating, the heat is gone
and the trees and flowers finish their wild growth, 
and we all move into that time
when nature is finished, harvest done, seeds appear, color changes
light changes, days shorten
the leaves start to drop....

It is a time of slowing. A rich time 
I am a Virgo, girl of autumn, perhaps why I find this time awesome.
Something incredible with this shift.  I await this.  I love this time.

Nature slows down yet there is still much going on, but at a slow pace

I do the same.
Deep breathe.

So god bless fall ~ autumn, this equinox, this shift

and particularly a morning when autumn is in a cloud

where nature surrounds you

when nature envelopes you

and blinds you with her beauty.