December 11, 2013


Light snows so far have left me complacent and 
not giving much thought to the yurt across the field.  
It dawned on me that perhaps a look see might be in order
 as the weather people at the moment seem to feel 
a storm might be brewing for the weekend.  
Glad I did. 

 There was about 4 inches that needed raking 
It was nice to find the rake tucked way in the back under the yurt.  
It was windy and cold but with no storm  this was fun to do.  

One of the reasons I had wanted someone in the yurt was to do this raking. 
 However, it never worked well as tenant was often off traveling
 during most storms and not yurting so Tim and I ended up doing it.  
Past winters not much snow so no big deal.  

I have this feeling that this year might be a horse of a different color.  
Tons and tons of tracks in the fields, fox, coyote and deer
 in addition to the squirrels and mice.  
Very busy out there.  
They all are hunting food.  
Under the apples trees on all sides of the property lots of tracks. 
 There are still a large number of apples on the trees.
Nature made many fruits and berries this summer.  May mean something.  May not.