December 18, 2013

change in the land

Taken from the bedroom

These trees have grown up over the last 13 years
 so our view has been lost from all but the bedroom windows
 so we are going to have a cutting done to regain the view. 

 Deep sigh.  
We cannot keep the trees and keep the view.  
It is that simple.
One or the other.
We have made the decision to cut, but it is a difficult one. 
 I walk these woods, I know these trees
 and this area will all be different in a few weeks time. 

 Things change.  The trees for one have changed. 
 These were small small trees we could see over when we arrived.  Each year they have become a foot or two bigger. Doesn't sound overwhelming, but it is.

 I never gave it a thought until we started to notice that the view had changed....
there is that word again.....change
That was a gradual natural change.
This cutting will happen much more quickly....a week to undo years of growth.
Deep sigh.

 It is uncomfortable to put something in place that will shift the wildlife and birds. 
 Then again it may be what the woods need, to cut the white pines pines.
 leaving the hardwoods to flourish. 

All good things in time I suspect.  

the field has been plowed so the logging trucks can reach the woods